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    photography / baking / music that makes me feel, music that makes me ache... ditto with movies / snuggling / bright lipstick / cooked breakfasts / sleeping in / surrounding myself with open minded people / taking time to notice the small things in life / etsy / lying in the sun / bargains / long phone chats that go past midnight - when you know you'll hate yourself the next day but it's worth it / storage solutions / nanna naps / golden hour / home phones / light / genuinely down-to-earth people / cooking / that feeling of water against your skin on a hot day / good food / electric blankets / friends who re-energise me / repulsing my little sister with my lame moves / sunshine / the beach / travelling / seeing things from a new point of view / pretty nailpolish / loose clothing / being in love / sainsbury's quadruple choc chip cookies
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A gasp of delight

Wow, it’s 2015!  How is it 2015 already?! The Christmas break has been lovely, but it’s drawing to a close and I have only one more day of leave left.  An ideal time for reflection, I suppose. This past week has been a balance of productivity and running errands, down time and solitude, trying to … Continue reading

You have this effect on me, you do

Yet another Sunday night; the end of a weekend; the careful balancing between having too much to do and having too little to do; exhaustion on the one extreme, loneliness on the other. Strangely, I think I feel both exhausted and lonely.  Or perhaps not lonely, but heavy hearted.  Rationally, there’s no reason to feel … Continue reading

Sleep is delicious

That’s the thought that crossed my mind after I took a one and a half hour nap today at 6.30pm.  Not a clever idea, but it was so satisfying.  I will pay for it later, I’m sure. I’ve bought a few books recently.  Just today I ordered The Monocle Guide to Better Living.  It seems … Continue reading

Everybody’s changing

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I think the ingredients are right for more regular blogging.  I have the internet in my apartment!  I’ve started to journal daily again!  Hopefully, that will remove the creative and technological blocks that were preventing me from blogging. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Everybody’s Changing … Continue reading


Last weekend, I turned 30.  Hurrah!  I’d been dreading the event for the past year but by the time it finally came around, I’d reached the acceptance stage: I will be 30, it will be a new chapter of my life, and my best years are not necessarily behind me.  Not super enthusiasm, but just … Continue reading

does it ring true it does

I just re-watched A Single Man and loved it, again.  Just like the first time, it’s put me in a contemplative mood.  I still remember watching that movie for the first time at Cinema Nova and gushing to a friend about it afterwards.  It feels like it was yesterday, but the movie came out in … Continue reading

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