My heart swells…

It is with great pleasure that I bring you this list: my top five actors!  This list isn’t about acting ability, but more about the ability to… make me swoon and gush.  So, without further ado, the list!

1. Ethan Hawke

It has to start with Ethan Hawke because Reality Bites was the movie of my youth.  The movie I watched over and over, during school holidays and whenever I was bored.  The movie that I knew all the lines to, the movie I never tired of.  And, Troy Dyer was my hero.  The tortured genius, too smart for mainstream society.  The other day, I was (drunkenly) gushing to my colleagues about Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites, and Matt Damon in Good Hill Hunting.  Well, basically I was gushing that they were tortured geniuses, too smart for society (oh no!  I’m repeating myself!  This is a literary crime!  How to resolve it??).  The girl I was speaking to pulled an ‘uh uh… no way’ face and said, they weren’t too smart for society, they were just losers.  I thought about it, and unfortunately… could see her point.  Kind of.  Eek!  What does it say that I love this sort of thing?!  I posted here about how I think the most intelligent people don’t have 9 to 5 jobs…

Ethan Hawke is also responsible for movies like Gattaca, and of course, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.  How could he not be my number 1?  I was gushing with a friend last night about Before Sunset.  She’d just watched it for the first time, and she was so moved by it that she got this adrenaline rush, and was actually shaking from the movie.  She said, I was dying inside when it was over.  Wow.  Well, I loved the movie too, but it didn’t do that to me.  But it did make me super emo and reflective for a while…

2. Michael Fassbender

It’s a tough tie between Michael Fassbender and my number three.  And I guess Michael Fassbender is number two probably because I’d just watched Jane Eyre last week, and I’d totally loved it.  The gruff, tortured poetic guy.  Oh my… is a pattern starting to form?!?  He was so wonderful in Jane Eyre.  I loved his tortured, bleeding heart.  And… his body language, his height and stature… *swoon*.  I also loved him in X-Men: First Class, as I’d blogged about here.

3. Ryan Gosling

I think he’s wonderful.  There hasn’t been the movie which I totally loved him in.  The Notebook was ok I guess.  Blue Valentine was ok, but too depressing.  So maybe it’s saying something that I like him so much nonetheless.  I also think he’s adorable in all the Mickey Mouse Club clips.  And I really want to see this new rom-com movie he’s in, the one with Steve Carrell.  I blogged about Ryan Gosling here, so I won’t repeat myself too much.

4. Matt Damon

I’ve just written about my love for his character in Good Will Hunting (see number one, above).  And I love the Bourne series.  Especially that part in the first movie when he realises he has all these abilities, like speaking foreign languages, astute skills of observation, martial arts, and he’s super confused and trying to figure out who he is.  I also love him in 30 Rock.  My gosh!  The character that he plays!  I’m only up to the third episode in Season 5, so I don’t know what happens next.  But oh my.  It makes me want to be Liz Lemon even more!

5. James Franco

I was super into him before he hosted the Oscars.  But I still think he’s super hot.  I think it’s the smile.  I liked him in Milk.  And he was also excellent in 30 Rock, although it was just that one episode.  More please!

And… Takeshi Kaneshiro!

Ok, I know I said a list of five, but I must mention Takeshi Kaneshiro because I think he’s physically perfect.  And difficult to rank.  I know this isn’t really a satisfactory reason, but in my head I think I place him in a totally different category, maybe because he’s Asian, and stars in Asian movies.  So… if I were to put him in a list, he’d be the only one in the list, because truly, there is no one comparable to him.  What a long and stellar career.  Awesome.

Well, this has been super fun to write… I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it!

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