Just little things…

A few days ago my friend shared this website with me.  It’s a list of all the little things in life that we should appreciate, displayed in a colourful, aesthetically-pleasing way.  When I read it, I find myself nodding in agreement with most of the list.

It is all about the little things, huh?  Something I’ve been trying to remind myself more of.

My favourite movie when I was growing up was Reality Bites.  As I’ve blogged about before, Troy Dyer was my tortured hero.  I watched the movie again last weekend, and it really resonated with me when he said this:

There’s no point to any of this.
It’s all just a…
A random lottery of meaningless tragedy…
and a series of near escapes.
So I take pleasure in the details, you know.
A Quarter-Pounder with cheese.
Those are good.
The sky about… ten minutes before it starts to rain.
The moment where your laughter becomes a cackle.
And I sit back, and I… I smoke my Camel straights.
And I ride my own melt.

It may sound a bit lame in writing but I assure you, it sounds brilliant when he says it.  And while it starts off rather melancholy, it is indeed all about taking pleasure in the details.

Here is my own list of five little things, based on stuff in my life lately:

  1. Hot buttered toast with coffee in the morning.
  2. Winning an eBay auction for much less than your maximum bid.
  3. When someone understands after just one sentence, and you realise you don’t need to say any more.
  4. When your dying plant revives after some TLC.
  5. Finding something which has been missing for ages.

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