I read this article this morning.  In short, Sydney will be pulling down their monorail as soon as feasible.  Apparently the monorail has been a complete failure and was never embraced by the community.  Fair ‘nough.

But what about the tourists?!  Monorails are fun!  I like them!  They remind me of my childhood, all those family holidays where the monorail was an essential part of our tourist experience.

And of course, there’s the monorail song.  Every time someone mentions ‘monorail’, I (and probably most others) think of this song:

Goodbye monorail!  😦

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  1. […] MonoFAIL – Sydney fell for Lyle Lanley’s scam a long time ago, and now they’re going to tear it down, but no without YouTube of the original song.  No word on the popsicle stick skyscraper. […]

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