Throw me a rope

I’ve just gotten home from the Art and Soul course that I’ve been doing.  I’m really enjoying the course, and I always come home with lots of thoughts and ideas in my head that I want to share.  Which leads me to a dilemma: should I go to bed, or should I share it?

I of course choose sleep, which means that I currently have a massive backlog of things that I want to share but haven’t had the chance time to write down.  Including the meaning behind today’s post title.

Tonight, I’ll continue with the same approach.  I’ll share the things that are quick to share, and defer the meaty stuff to later.  Random sharing:

I bought three pairs of shoes yesterday, and I managed to  justify it to myself!  (Orthotic-friendly shoes, they were)

Ben Folds Five are back!  The 90s are back, with a vengeance!  Yay!

Work has been busy, but I’m ok with that!  Life has been busy, and I’m ok with that!

I’ve decided to make slightly more effort in my appearance!

Tomorrow is Friday!


that is all.

2 Responses to “Throw me a rope”
  1. omlair says:

    yay ben folds!!

    yay friday!

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