Friends, I have started

Upholstery, that is!

I have signed up to classes with Padgham Upholstery, and I’ve had one lesson so far.

This is the chair that I’m going to be working on:

Isn’t it lovely?

I’ve just spent my afternoon removing the rest of the tacks off the frame, so that I have a bare frame to work with for my next class.  I’ve also painted the frame with primer, to prepare the frame for its first coat of white paint.

I’m aiming for a shabby chic, country style kind of look.  This is my inspiration:

This afternoon, I couldn’t help but wonder whether the effort was worth it.  Is my time more valuable, or is my money more valuable?  Perhaps it’s better to buy things that I like?  Or pay someone to reupholster things for me?

I’m not sure.  The same question hangs over all my project ideas.  I still have a set of bar stools, a couch and a step stool to paint over.  I also have a reading chair that needs new upholstery.  Do I have the time?!  Can I be bothered?  Should I just sell it off on Gumtree?

This is a difficult question, and one I’ve been pondering for months.  Help me!

6 Responses to “Friends, I have started”
  1. LOLsotrue says:

    One chair at a time! Pick something you love and spend time on it. Little by little you will create something beautiful xx

  2. J says:

    CC you are so silly. The pleasure is in the doing. Not to worry about the time taken to do it.

    If you really enjoy the process of making your furniture, then once you have made your chair, then every time you sit on it or see it you will always have the memories of making it. You will know every contour and lick of paint, every accidental nick and slight mistake in the upholstering and the woodwork.

    If what you are after is the finished product then you should go ahead and pay someone else to make it, and spend your time making other memories on something else that you will find fulfilling.

    Either way, the principle is to spend your time on the things you enjoy, make you grow and gives you pleasure and fun!

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