I’m back in Sydney and up early due to jet lag.  It feels good to be be back.  The trip was wonderful, but it’s nice to be back to the creature comforts of my apartment.

I thought I would be blogging a lot over the trip, but I didn’t end up blogging at all.  I did manage to read though.  I read the new Murakami book, and I’m almost finished with A Million Little Pieces.  I’ve enjoyed both.

One thing that really hit me over the trip is that Sydney is a great city.  It’s hard to top.  The Economist recently published a list of the best places in the world to be born and Australia came second, behind Switzerland.  This seems consistent with what I experienced during my trip.

London is a cool city, but it’s so hectic and crowded.  And the weather is terrible.  Sweden is an amazing country, but not so good for non-Swedes.  Zurich I really liked, but it’s so expensive.  I guess that’s ok if you’re earning Swiss francs.

I remember after I lived in Nottingham, I went back to Melbourne with a new found appreciation for the city.  That’s how I feel about Sydney after this trip.  I feel lucky to be Australian, and I feel grateful for the sacrifices that my parents have made so that we could be here.


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