Last weekend, I turned 30.  Hurrah!  I’d been dreading the event for the past year but by the time it finally came around, I’d reached the acceptance stage: I will be 30, it will be a new chapter of my life, and my best years are not necessarily behind me.  Not super enthusiasm, but just acceptance.

This weekend marks the start of the longest continuous block of time that I will be spending in Sydney since I moved here.  I’ll be in Sydney until early December.  10 continuous weekends in Sydney!  I’m looking forward to glorious weather, spending time at the beach and exploring the best of Sydney.

My little sister will be visiting in October, and we’re planning to take surfing lessons!  I suspect I will suck at learning to surf and that nothing will come of this, but part of me is clinging onto the hope that perhaps this is the one form of exercise that I will grow to  love, and be able to get into the habit of doing regularly.  You never know!

On the exercise front, tomorrow morning I’ll be having my first Pilates class at a studio across the road from my apartment.  I had my initial consultation with the studio on Monday and was told that my body is all out of alignment, but that it can be fixed.  Through regular Pilates, of course!  I’ve signed up for a starter pack of 10 lessons, and my plan is to attend at least once a week.  Given that I have 10 continuous weekends in Sydney, I really have no excuse.

I have some other fun things planned for the weekend, including checking out the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW and also some Tinder dates.  Eek!  My colleague said today that he has a good feeling about this, that he can feel it in his waters.  Is that a phrase?  Feeling something in your waters?!  It just reminds me of the Wet Wet Wet song… I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes… 

I’m currently trying to hydrate myself as much as possible to prevent that terrible hangover that I seem to get every time I drink.  I’ve even taken milk thistle capsules!  My hope for tomorrow: that it will be a no-spew Saturday.  Yes, I’m all class!


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