A gasp of delight

Wow, it’s 2015!  How is it 2015 already?!

The Christmas break has been lovely, but it’s drawing to a close and I have only one more day of leave left.  An ideal time for reflection, I suppose.

This past week has been a balance of productivity and running errands, down time and solitude, trying to establish healthy habits, and social activities.  It’s involved clubbing not once, but twice!  It’s also involved going to the beach and getting sunburnt like a lobster.

I guess it’s that time of the year when everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions for the year ahead.  I’ve just spent some time journalling and thinking about my own goals and resolutions.  To be brief, they involve getting fit, eating healthily and making time for creativity.  I’ve broken these themes into more specific goals, but I’ll spare those details.  I’ve also created some work related goals.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this before, but it seemed like the right thing to do.  Maybe that’s the problem with goal setting when it’s part of the performance review process.  Those goals aren’t real goals, they’re a bunch of fake goals that are structured in a contrived way to reflect the firm’s values, and designed to be measurable and achievable.  So I’ve made some real goals, which may seem somewhat vague and hard to measure, but reflect what I actually want to achieve.  They may be somewhat unrealistic (learn basic insolvency law?!), but shouldn’t we aim high?

I recently bought, read and loved My Favorite Things by Moira Kalman.  It’s a book with illustrations of her favourite things, combined with commentary and quotes.  It’s very personal and sentimental, and resonated with me.  I guess I like things and I’m a bit sentimental.  The other day I forgot to hand-carry something fragile during my flight back to Sydney and it broke.  I was crushed.  Actually, it was this Seletti dish that I’d bought in New York:

10005_OROI surprised myself by how upset I was when I realised it was broken.  I guess we get attached to certain objects and possessions, for better or worse.  Some people are minimalists and shun such attachments, whereas others embrace such things.  There’s a part I love in My Favorite Things where she talks about how she was selected to curate an exhibition, and her process in selecting items:

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetPerhaps it’s a bit indulgent, but I think it’s beautiful as well.  I think the idea of having a carefully curated life applies to much more than things.  It applies to people, relationships, moments, how we spend our time.  We need to be more selective, make more considered decisions.  Run less on autopilot.  What makes me gasp with delight?  What makes my heart swell?  What makes my heart soar?  And so on… Maybe this will be a theme for this year as well.


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