A gasp of delight

Wow, it’s 2015!  How is it 2015 already?! The Christmas break has been lovely, but it’s drawing to a close and I have only one more day of leave left.  An ideal time for reflection, I suppose. This past week has been a balance of productivity and running errands, down time and solitude, trying to … Continue reading

Sleep is delicious

That’s the thought that crossed my mind after I took a one and a half hour nap today at 6.30pm.  Not a clever idea, but it was so satisfying.  I will pay for it later, I’m sure. I’ve bought a few books recently.  Just today I ordered The Monocle Guide to Better Living.  It seems … Continue reading

Checking in

It’s been over two months since I decided to start writing to this blog again, and only now am I actually doing it. The last few months have been busy.  I know that word is really overused, but it’s an apt description.  Busy… and exhausting. This weekend I went back to Melbourne for my dad’s … Continue reading

My lovelies…

I am about to have dinner with my lovely girlfriends.  Trendy Thai at Cookie is on the agenda.  I’m pretty hungry so I’m ravenously devouring some Corn Thins at the moment.  This afternoon, I stumbled across a cute bookshop and bought 12 secondhand books for 50 cents each.  I also bought a book on compassion, … Continue reading

With great power comes great responsibility

I can’t stop talking about self-help books! This is a problem for many reasons.  Firstly, it’s 12.40 am, and I should be sleeping.  Secondly, I know I am sounding incredibly uncool, and all my friends will probably de-friend me on Facebook. But I can’t help myself!  It’s a topic dear to my heart!  It struck … Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round (My thoughts on personality tests)

Which direction does this girl spin, for you?  For me, she spins clockwise first, but I can make her spin counter clockwise if I try hard enough.  Apparently it’s rare to have the ability to do this! Read more about this spinning girl, here and here (full disclosure: I haven’t read the second page!). I … Continue reading

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