Vices, KFC and crochet

For some people it’s alcohol, for others it may be something else.  For me, the ultimate guilty pleasure is… KFC. Glorious, wonderful KFC.  Food for the soul, balm for the heavy heart. I also have some show and tell: Yes, your eyes are seeing correctly!  Things seem to be finally going my way in the … Continue reading

I kiw you!!!

I’ve been a bit cranky lately.  I’m like a grumpy old man on the inside.  Whenever anyone or anything irritates me, I think: arrrghhh!  I kiw you!!! I struggled to find parking in Box Hill today.  When I finally found one, and was waiting for the car to back out, I noticed another car creeping … Continue reading


I’m a bit discouraged because I just spent all this time typing a blog post on my iPhone and it crashed on me and I lost it! I was even typing out HTML tags on that tiny keyboard! Painful. So today’s post will be a short one, and not the one I’d originally wanted to … Continue reading

Fassbendered… again!

I’m about to be Fassbendered again! If all goes to plan, I’ll be seeing the new Jane Eyre movie next Thursday with two of my favourite lovelies.  Including my Crochet Master.  I’m super looking forward to seeing them again.  Yay!  Except… they’ll ask me how my crochet is going.  Eek!  I packed my bag of … Continue reading

My crochet skills are about to increase ten fold!

You may remember from weeks ago this pitiful attempt at crochet, which took almost two hours: Well, I’m ashamed to admit that there’s been no progress since I made that post.  No practising, nothing at all. But that’s all about to change!!!  Tomorrow night I’m going to a Brown Owls crochet group and my friend … Continue reading

My crocheting adventures have begun!

Last Thursday, I finally learnt how to crochet. It happened months after I’d bought a set of pretty multicoloured metal hooks and spent over $40 on yarn. I was getting worried that this was another ‘fad’ of mine which would never eventuate. I’d tried to teach myself by watching Youtube videos of an American middle … Continue reading

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