Why hello there, handsome!

I’m writing this post by candlelight.  It’s highly impractical and terrible for my eyesight, but right now, it just feels right.  And that’s good enough for me! I met a handsome man on Saturday.  Actually, he wasn’t so much a man but a boy.  He looked like he could have been 18, but I had … Continue reading

Food babies / Seoul / Heavy heart

I am incredibly pregnant right now with food babies.  Perhaps I have twins.  I’ve arrived in Toronto and so far, it pales in comparison to Korea.  But those are lofty standards, I suppose.  The one good thing about Toronto is the food.  I’m staying in Asian-ville and my uncle has been taking us to eat … Continue reading

an nyong ha se yo

Unfortunately hello is not actually part of my Korean vocabulary yet.  All I know is I don’t understand and thank you.  And even those phrases I need to keep written on my hand or else I’ll forget.  When did I get so bad at languages???  Last night I watched a French movie (Persepolis – amazing!) … Continue reading

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