Sleep is delicious

That’s the thought that crossed my mind after I took a one and a half hour nap today at 6.30pm.  Not a clever idea, but it was so satisfying.  I will pay for it later, I’m sure. I’ve bought a few books recently.  Just today I ordered The Monocle Guide to Better Living.  It seems … Continue reading

Fitness is imminent!

I think I’m a marketer’s dream.  I’m a sucker for buying new things.  Today I had brunch with a friend, found out about the Fitbit One and Bare Blends natural protein and, within 24 hours, have bought both. Fitness is imminent! Can’t blame a girl for trying to be more healthy, right?! Apparently we’re all … Continue reading

Less plans, more possibilities

I’m having a lovely Saturday night in, and have grand plans for the evening!  I’d like to play with my new purchases (more on that later), finish reading Daring Greatly (more on that here), tidy my apartment and do some laundry.  And perhaps Skype with some friends too. Today I bought some new Sony SRS-X5 … Continue reading

Clara Gushling

That’s right, I’ve married Ryan Gushling and decided to change my name.  Do you like it? Today I am going to gush about my new purchase: a coffee mug.  Look! The back reads: And those who sipped this Warm and Mellow potion were filled with such ELATION that their HEARTS could burst with JOY. How … Continue reading

The Difficult Life of a Part Time Employee… in Pictures

This is a combination of photos from today and yesterday.  As you can see, my life is very very difficult.

It’s time to SNIP SNIP!

The credit card, that is. I woke up this morning to go to work and instead ended up buying things at JB Hi Fi.  This is my haul: Did I do well?  What music would you recommend for me?

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