I’m back in Sydney and up early due to jet lag.  It feels good to be be back.  The trip was wonderful, but it’s nice to be back to the creature comforts of my apartment. I thought I would be blogging a lot over the trip, but I didn’t end up blogging at all.  I … Continue reading

Solitude, or loneliness?

I’ve just had another day all to myself.  Solitude, or loneliness?  Those words are similar, but with such different connotations.  I’m not sure which of the two is more accurate. It’s been a really intense time at work.  Really, really crazy.  3am, 5.30am finishes.  And I feel spent.  I’m only just starting to feel human … Continue reading

Wonderful and worth it

It’s 12.20am, so the day is well and truly over.  I feel like I haven’t done anything all day, but I guess that’s what happens when you sleep in until midday.  It was wonderful, and worth it. I had a really quiet day today.  Since a close friend left Sydney I feel like I have … Continue reading

Fitness is imminent!

I think I’m a marketer’s dream.  I’m a sucker for buying new things.  Today I had brunch with a friend, found out about the Fitbit One and Bare Blends natural protein and, within 24 hours, have bought both. Fitness is imminent! Can’t blame a girl for trying to be more healthy, right?! Apparently we’re all … Continue reading

Less plans, more possibilities

I’m having a lovely Saturday night in, and have grand plans for the evening!  I’d like to play with my new purchases (more on that later), finish reading Daring Greatly (more on that here), tidy my apartment and do some laundry.  And perhaps Skype with some friends too. Today I bought some new Sony SRS-X5 … Continue reading


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