I told you so!

No one likes a know-it-all.  This is something I have learnt over time.  It is not cool to say, I told you so!  No one appreciates it, and it wins you no friends. I must say though, I love being right.  I love to say, I told you so!  But because I know it won’t … Continue reading

We are Scandinavian

Last year, I was in Sweden around July.  It was summer, beautiful, and everyone seemed to be outdoors all the time, relaxed, glowing and sharing a drink or meal with friends.  I remember thinking, what’s going on???  Don’t these people have work?!  And for quite some time, I’ve been noticing some strange things about Melbourne.  … Continue reading


We have arrived at my uncle’s place.  I’d been looking forward to this.  A week spent right on the lake, swimming and enjoying the sun.  It’s even more beautiful than I’d hoped and imagined.  It is dazzling. The further away from Toronto I got, the more and more my thoughts of Canada started changing.  I … Continue reading

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