I can’t help it, I’m Asian!

I love to use this line.  I’m allowed to make jokes about Asians, because I’m Asian.  In this world of uber political correctness, this is a privilege that many others do not have. As an Asian: I love to eat (and I get very impatient waiting for food); I love bargains and savings; and I … Continue reading

Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride…

Daiso.  They can’t keep me away.  I’m experiencing a bit of a problem at the moment.  Bargains have been everywhere, tempting me, taunting me.   Who can resist a sight like this? As an Asian, I am genetically programmed to love bargains.  Bargains are my Achilles heel! On Saturday, while I was out picking up a $1 couch … Continue reading

tell ‘im he’s dreamin’

I am trying to control my Gumtree addiction.  The other day, something hit me. I’m like Steve and Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle!  I go through Gumtree the way they go through the Trading Post.  I check Gumtree at least once a day, and usually multiple times in a day.  For those who don’t know what … Continue reading

24 and counting…

I posted on Saturday about how I’d hit the furniture jackpot.  Well, about 20 minutes after I made that post, I spotted an ad on Gumtree for five chairs for $5.  They were the kind of chair that I like!  Within 30 minutes after I spotted the ad, the chairs were mine, and in the … Continue reading

Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with $10 worth of random paper

Some people are really practical with their shopping. They only buy what they need. If they see something they like but don’t need, they won’t buy it. I’m not like that. Yesterday I had a stall at the Camberwell market and the next stall down was selling paper. All the different colours and textures / … Continue reading

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