Be still. Keep calm. Be cool.

I suspect I’ve become a workaholic.  I never thought this day would come.  I used to snigger at people who loved their jobs. In law firms, war stories of workaholic women are told and retold in hushed voices.  Did you hear that  [pregnant partner who shall remain anonymous] had to be wheeled out of the … Continue reading

Strength and beauty

The other day I came across this photo on my Facebook feed: It got me thinking about my never-ending struggle to exercise and be healthy.  I realised there was a big discrepancy in my attitude towards my body, versus my attitude towards everything else. I generally like to challenge myself and try new things.  I … Continue reading

Whales, mermaids and so on (my two cents on the Whales vs Mermaids dialogue)

I came across the Whales vs Mermaids post this week.  A post which has apparently gone viral and is part of an ongoing dialogue on the issue of body image, self esteem, the media, its portrayal of women and so on.  An interesting insight and refreshing perspective perhaps, but ultimately I think it misses the … Continue reading

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