My beautiful rose

I love my bike. I remember the morning after I bought my new bike, I wanted to check up on it.  Admire it, appreciate it and smile at it.  Hello bike, do you like your new home?  Are you happy you’re mine? My bike is my rose.  By that I am referring to the idea … Continue reading

There is just something about it…

Bike riding, that is. Those first moments are the best.  The sudden gush of speed, that whoosh feeling.  The breeze up against your skin, refreshing and energising. I’m off!  I’m free!  I’m alive!  And nothing can stop me… wheeeeeeeeeeee! I bought my bike today, and I love it.  It was a bit impulsive of me, but it … Continue reading

My brain is mush…

Perhaps from a bit too much sunshine, physical exertion and too little sleep.  But my spirits are high, and I guess that’s what matters. Today, Melbourne is beautiful.  30, clear and sunny.  I went bike riding with my friends along the beach and it was perfect.  Because my brain is mush, I’m going to let … Continue reading


That will be me soon.  I’m so excited! A few people know about my plans to start riding to work after I move out.   There’s been some hiccups with that plan.  Basically, I’m not roadworthy.  As I’d blogged about, my leisurely bike-ride around Central Park in New York had turned into a leisurely bike-push around Central Park.  That … Continue reading

Clara Chan, cycling extraordinaire

NOT! Yesterday we got the wonderful idea to rent bikes and cycle around Central Park.  Cycling as a family, in the sunshine, the wind refreshing us as we cycled through the beautiful park together.  No better way to explore it, right?  WRONG! It sounded great in theory, not so much in practice. See, I hadn’t … Continue reading

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