Oh my God, we’re back again

Hello world!  I’ve decided to start posting to this blog again.  It’s been almost two years, and a lot has happened.  I’ve been through many ups and downs, but I’m happy to say that right now, I’m in a much better place. I’ve been encouraged by my friends who have told me things like, I … Continue reading

The dry spell

I think every blogger will go through periods when writing is difficult.  I am going through one of those periods.  I have ideas for blog posts, but everything seems lame and unworthy.  I do not know the answer.  I don’t know how long this spell will go for.  I will try my best to ride … Continue reading


I love words.  I can’t help it.  To me, words are like hot buttered raisin toast on a winter morning.  Delicious.  I love the word synchronicity: syn·chro·nic·i·ty  (sngkr-ns-t, sn-) n. pl. syn·chro·nic·i·ties 1. The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism. 2. Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in … Continue reading

Throw me a rope

I’ve just gotten home from the Art and Soul course that I’ve been doing.  I’m really enjoying the course, and I always come home with lots of thoughts and ideas in my head that I want to share.  Which leads me to a dilemma: should I go to bed, or should I share it? I … Continue reading

You won’t like me when I’m angry!

I’m not a happy chap right now.  I think I’m generally pretty tolerant, but every now and again, something tips me over the edge and I become fed up.   Which is what I am right now.  Fed up! Unresolved issues, months after I first reported them.  In one instance, over six months.  I am on a … Continue reading

A temporary madness…

It’s been so long since I’ve last blogged!  And I’ve gotta say, it feels good to be back. Today is, I hope, the last day of what I would describe as a whirlwind of a month (or perhaps, months).  I’ve been feeling like I’m on autopilot, doing one thing after the next without much time … Continue reading

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