Farewell my flen (for now…)

I am taking a break from blogging!  I’m not sure how long this break will be for, I’m thinking maybe a few weeks.  I know I’d like to pick it up again before Christmas, but I guess we’ll just see. I’m thinking of this like a holiday: We all need them every once in a … Continue reading

It’s sleepy time

I’m such a nanna these days.  It’s 10.30pm and I’m starting to feel tired.  My brain is mush, and I can’t articulate what I want to say. It’s a lost cause, trying to blog at the end of the day!  In the morning, my mind is full of ideas, and I have the energy and … Continue reading

Why do you do it?

For the past few weeks, perhaps months, I feel like I’ve been struggling to get on top of all the demands of my life.  Like there are too many things vying for my time and attention, and I’ve been failing miserably at juggling and managing them all.  I often feel tired and spent as a … Continue reading


I’m a bit discouraged because I just spent all this time typing a blog post on my iPhone and it crashed on me and I lost it! I was even typing out HTML tags on that tiny keyboard! Painful. So today’s post will be a short one, and not the one I’d originally wanted to … Continue reading

The Pants Index

Some blogs have daily themes.  As in, each day of the week has a certain theme. For example, the blog Bloesem has these themes: Monday: Let’s Get Personal….home and studio tours Tuesday: Sponsor Spotlights and Finds by Irene Wednesday: Finds by Irene Thursday: Vintage Friday: Some Things I Liked This Week I’m considering having themes.  … Continue reading

Shamelessly flaunting

That could be me, soon. A few weeks ago WordPress published a guide on how to get more traffic.  It includes stuff like, write well (isn’t that what all bloggers try to do??), post regularly (I do!) and publicize to Facebook (I would, if Publicize hadn’t stopped working!). Like Inception, it has planted an idea … Continue reading

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