It’s time to SNIP SNIP!

The credit card, that is. I woke up this morning to go to work and instead ended up buying things at JB Hi Fi.  This is my haul: Did I do well?  What music would you recommend for me? Advertisements

Hang on, this is actually good!

I have a lot of moments like this when it comes to music.  I’ll buy a new CD, listen to it and not like it.  Then, months and months later, I’ll listen to it again and realise I do like it after all.  That happened to me last night when I was listening to Bon … Continue reading

Successful market-ing

I went to the Camberwell market on Sunday.  It was quite a fruitful trip! I bought a bunch of CDs.  I love it when someone with my music taste decides they don’t want their CD collection anymore.  I come along and basically snap up half their stuff.  I pass on the other half, only because … Continue reading

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