The Difficult Life of a Part Time Employee… in Pictures

This is a combination of photos from today and yesterday.  As you can see, my life is very very difficult. Advertisements

So what? (Decaf soy latte drinkers unite!)

I am a decaf soy latte drinker.  While my coffee of choice is a regular soy latte, I do on occasions order a decaf soy latte.  And I have had enough! I’ve had enough of being judged based on my coffee choice.  I’ve had enough of people drawing conclusions about my personality based on my … Continue reading

Coffee apples, forever

Coffee I woke up yesterday moody, cranky.  I got a wonderful idea.  Coffee!  Coffee solves all problems!  I decided to go back to Financier Patisserie, where I’d had a delicious coffee the day before.  I quickly got out of bed, put on whatever clothes I could find, and set off. It was CLOSED! Yes, CLOSED, … Continue reading

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