Can’t hardly wait… (part-ay tonight!)

I’m hosting a party tonight!  It’s 1.50 pm, and I have a fridge full of Costco purchases, ready for serving.  I’m feeling relaxed and excited to see my friends.  I will try my best to look “hot damn” tonight! This occasion reminds me of the best teen movie of all time, Can’t Hardly Wait.  If … Continue reading

It’s going to happen, it’s really going to happen!

I feel the weight of uncompleted projects on my shoulders. All the things I’d resolved I would do, and yet still have not done. This includes: reupholstering (numerous) chairs stripping wooden furniture and refinishing it making a crochet rug and pouf sewing throw cushions making amigurumi toys That list doesn’t seem particularly long, but I’ve … Continue reading

Ikea Madness

Yesterday I went to Ikea to buy some home essentials.  I needed stuff like a laundry basket, a rubbish bin, kitchenware and so on.  I got there super excited, with high hopes. I’ve always loved Ikea, ever since I was a kid and used to play in their ball pit.  I thought of it as … Continue reading

Canada, Canadia

My little sister keeps saying Canadia.  She says it’s intentional but I swear she can’t control it anymore.  I’m usually mortified when she says it out loud, with lots of Canadians around.  I tell her off, and she says, that’s how I feel when you wear your fobby Korean glasses – horrified!!  *Sniffles*  Yesterday I … Continue reading

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