I’m arty! I’m farty! I’m arty farty!*

Tonight is the night of the exhibition for the Art & Soul course that I’ve been doing. Because my “art” is… nothing worth displaying, I’ve invited only a select group of people. The great thing is, most of them are able to come!  We’re going to have dinner together at peko peko and then head … Continue reading

24 and counting…

I posted on Saturday about how I’d hit the furniture jackpot.  Well, about 20 minutes after I made that post, I spotted an ad on Gumtree for five chairs for $5.  They were the kind of chair that I like!  Within 30 minutes after I spotted the ad, the chairs were mine, and in the … Continue reading

The Mighty Met and MoMA (and random thoughts on creativity and execution)

It’s 4am and I’m awake! NYC does strange things to people!  Last night I was traipsing around Williamsburg alone, notebook, pen and camera in hand, tipsy on sangria.  What’s a carafe???  I’m Asian It’s good value, I will do it!  And then, after stumbling along Bedford Avenue for a little while, cheap oysters with butter … Continue reading

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