Farewell, Daegu

Nooooooo!  Sniffles!  Why must all good things come to an end??  I suppose I should just be happy that I’ve had such a good time.  Which I am.  But it’s bittersweet because I’m LEAVING today.  Nooooo!  I almost feel a bit indifferent about Canada and New York now.  Yes, I know that’s crazy! *sigh* Not … Continue reading

Confessions Part II

Fill in the blanks time!  You know you have a shopping problem when ___________. My turn: You know you have a shopping problem when… … your day of photography turns into yet another day of shopping. … your credit card company calls you, concerned.  And it’s happened twice already before (on previous travels). … you … Continue reading

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I am in shopping heaven.  But I also fear for myself.  Hehe.  But before I start, let me describe myself in a poor pitiful way.  This is designed to make you feel sorry for me, and so tell me off less for shopping too much. Yesterday, I went downtown and was totally pumped to try … Continue reading

an nyong ha se yo

Unfortunately hello is not actually part of my Korean vocabulary yet.  All I know is I don’t understand and thank you.  And even those phrases I need to keep written on my hand or else I’ll forget.  When did I get so bad at languages???  Last night I watched a French movie (Persepolis – amazing!) … Continue reading


I am totally in love with Korea!  I was not expecting this.  I’ve been to Japan twice and didn’t like it at all (they’re the same right??).    I’ve been to Korea before, and didn’t think much of it.  But I am SMITTEN with Korea.  Totally smitten!  Let me brain-dump my thoughts now. The kids are … Continue reading

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