Sunshine on my window

… makes me happy, like I should be. Memory lane. I always think of that song at the first break of sunshine. Like this morning. A wonderful 25 degrees! This the forecast for the week ahead: Yep, it’s the typical case of horrible weather on the weekend and beautiful weather during the week when you … Continue reading

Obsessive compulsive me

Just yesterday, I’d blogged about how life was back to normal, and how I was back to normal.  I’d finally caught up with most of my friends, my calendar was looking reasonably bare, and I was about to enter a period of solitude and rest.  But… I’ve done it again. Same same but different!  It … Continue reading

I’m a survivor

Too much of a survivor, really. A bunch of people from work are at home sick today, and I wish I was one of them. I woke up this morning feeling dreadful. I’m waaay too sleep deprived. But unfortunately I have this horrible conscience (curse you!) which means I don’t take a sick day unless … Continue reading

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