Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride…

Daiso.  They can’t keep me away.  I’m experiencing a bit of a problem at the moment.  Bargains have been everywhere, tempting me, taunting me.   Who can resist a sight like this? As an Asian, I am genetically programmed to love bargains.  Bargains are my Achilles heel! On Saturday, while I was out picking up a $1 couch … Continue reading

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

That’s me!  I hit the jackpot today.  The furniture jackpot. My first stop was to Croydon to pick up an armchair.  I reckon it was a bit of an eBay bargain because the photo wasn’t clear, and the description was really bad.  When I got there, the lady asked me, do you have some time?  … Continue reading

Communication Breakdown

Communication is key, they say.  And I like to think of my life as a constant flow of communications: communications coming in, communications going out.  And yesterday, I had a communication breakdown!!! It was awful.  For around eight hours* yesterday, I received no communications!  Well, except for the work variety, which doesn’t count.  Every now … Continue reading

Obsessive compulsive me

Just yesterday, I’d blogged about how life was back to normal, and how I was back to normal.  I’d finally caught up with most of my friends, my calendar was looking reasonably bare, and I was about to enter a period of solitude and rest.  But… I’ve done it again. Same same but different!  It … Continue reading

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