Sunday Afternoon Ramblings (SAR)

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m sleepy but I can’t sleep.  Trying to stave off a nap is not easy, so I decided to surrender 20 minutes ago.  However, I think that coffee is keeping me awake. This morning, I went to the Camberwell market, one of my favourite places in Melbourne.  That place is so full … Continue reading

Release the Qi!

I’m buzzing right now.  Or perhaps, floating.  I am simultaneously feeling full of energy, yet also full of peace.  Ahhhh…. I’m happy that it’s April.  The new month is an opportunity to bookend the crazy and hectic month that was March.  Something to mark the end of that whirlhand, and the beginning of a month of … Continue reading

Nap-happy, nap-happiness!

I love naps.  They’re the best. Taking naps has always been a big part of me.  My family is big on napping.  Visit the Chan residence on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you would probably find all of us napping.  Well, that was before I moved out.  These days, I don’t really nap anymore.  … Continue reading

Turn the beat around

Here’s some 90s nostalgia to lift your Monday Misery: As a girl of the 90s, I find there is nothing quite like 90s music to instantly turn my mood around.  Or specifically, to turn the beat around. HA!  (I am currently chuckling to myself for that piece of lameness) I’ve decided to turn the beat … Continue reading


I have a friend who lives a very regimented life.  She has a set routine, which she sticks to very strictly.  Stuff like, not making plans with friends from Sunday to Thursday, eating (or not eating) certain things at certain times, or going for a run every day.  All this, because it helps her ‘be … Continue reading

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