Rockin’ with da grannies

I am pleased to announce that I’m starting pilates and tai chi!  It’s time to release the qi!  Because I am a competitive person, and get discouraged when I can’t keep up with the class, I have decided to rock it with the grannies.  By that I mean, I am joining classes designated for grannies and … Continue reading

Turn the beat around

Here’s some 90s nostalgia to lift your Monday Misery: As a girl of the 90s, I find there is nothing quite like 90s music to instantly turn my mood around.  Or specifically, to turn the beat around. HA!  (I am currently chuckling to myself for that piece of lameness) I’ve decided to turn the beat … Continue reading


That will be me soon.  I’m so excited! A few people know about my plans to start riding to work after I move out.   There’s been some hiccups with that plan.  Basically, I’m not roadworthy.  As I’d blogged about, my leisurely bike-ride around Central Park in New York had turned into a leisurely bike-push around Central Park.  That … Continue reading

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