Never give up!

I just saw this on my Facebook feed: There’s a talent show in China called “Never Give up” where you are given 100 seconds to give your performance. If over half of the audience push their “dislike” buttons within those 100 seconds, you either get: 1. thrown through a brick wall; 2. dropped through a … Continue reading

Will the real Clara C please stand up?

There are over 500 Clara Chans on Facebook.  There are so many Clara Chans that Facebook doesn’t display all the search results.  (No, I didn’t stalk myself, someone told me this!) Why are there so many?  Clara is not a common name in modern Western culture.  My theory is that there must have been some … Continue reading

Communication Breakdown

Communication is key, they say.  And I like to think of my life as a constant flow of communications: communications coming in, communications going out.  And yesterday, I had a communication breakdown!!! It was awful.  For around eight hours* yesterday, I received no communications!  Well, except for the work variety, which doesn’t count.  Every now … Continue reading

Fears of a Facebook Stalker

The 11.40pm post has gotta be the hardest one.  When you know you need to post for the day and you’ve only got 20 minutes to do it, but you’re totally exhausted and just want to sleep.  Urgh. So I’ll share a fear of mine, which I hope many of you will be able to … Continue reading

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