Asian taking pictures of food

In keeping with my heritage, here are some photos of food I’ve recently taken (excuse the photography, it is too late in the night to try to make my photos look ‘trendy’): I wish I had been quick enough to take a photo of the moment when the dessert arrived.  The cameras immediately came out … Continue reading

Vices, KFC and crochet

For some people it’s alcohol, for others it may be something else.  For me, the ultimate guilty pleasure is… KFC. Glorious, wonderful KFC.  Food for the soul, balm for the heavy heart. I also have some show and tell: Yes, your eyes are seeing correctly!  Things seem to be finally going my way in the … Continue reading

I am a genius

I often tell myself this.  Never because I’ve thought up something profound, or solved some sort of complex problem.  It’s always something to do with food. When I’m enjoying hot buttered slices of raisin toast with my coffee in the morning – Clara, you genius! When I’m wondering what to do with a punnet of strawberries … Continue reading


Oh dear.  I feel horrible right now.  I’ve totally overdone the caffeine.  Damn sleep deprivation!  My days lately have consisted of something like this: wake up to a big mug of coffee.  During the day, drink double strength black tea (two tea bags), and green tea (the kind with the roasted rice – yum!).  No … Continue reading

KFC is so good

Seriously.  And I always seem to forget, so every time I eat it, it’s like I’m discovering how good it is all over again. I remember when KFC introduced their All Stars box last year, I was looking forward to having one for ages.  I mean, it had the best of everything!  When I finally … Continue reading

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