June bug

I’m sleepy and it’s only 10.07 pm on a Friday evening.  What’s wrong with me? I’m incredibly engorged from a family dinner.  I was plenty full, and then the dessert came.  Plates and plates of it. What’s a girl to do? And, I learnt a new term today!  From my little sister, of course, who … Continue reading

an nyong ha se yo (Part 2, 2013)

I am happy to announce that my post-midnight endeavours were successful, and I will be going to Korea next March. This is the country that generates hits like these: I’m super excited.  The countdown begins!

Meet Clara Kim

I’m in love with Canada!  And Korea!  It’s hard to divide my love like this!  But if it’s possible to love more than one person at one time (which I believe), then I guess I can love as many countries as I want, yes? I’ve been daydreaming.  Wouldn’t it be great if I was Korean-Canadian???  … Continue reading

Food babies / Seoul / Heavy heart

I am incredibly pregnant right now with food babies.  Perhaps I have twins.  I’ve arrived in Toronto and so far, it pales in comparison to Korea.  But those are lofty standards, I suppose.  The one good thing about Toronto is the food.  I’m staying in Asian-ville and my uncle has been taking us to eat … Continue reading

Providence / Heart Splitting

It’s 6.15am and I need to head to the airport to catch a flight, but I had thoughts and reflections that I wanted to share.  If I had the luxury, I would’ve let myself mull over all the thoughts and events of the past week, and waited to come up with some refined, non rambling … Continue reading

Seoul searching

I have arrived in Seoul!  This post must be kept short, because I’ve been given a very important assignment by a witty and enigmatic man, which I don’t want to fail.  If I do, apparently I will disappoint everyone in the world with a sense of humour.  So I feel a very heavy burden on … Continue reading

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