Quietude Loving / Tranquil Pleasing (beautiful words by Dalai Lama V)

My uncle shared this poem with me.  I can’t read Chinese, but his English translation makes me certain the poem must be beautiful.  I should really take up Chinese lessons again. 你见,或者不见我 我就在那里 不悲不喜 你念,或者不念我 情就在那里 不来不去 你爱,或者不爱我 爱就在那里 不增不减 你跟,或者不跟我 我的手就在你手里 不舍不弃 来我的怀里 或者 让我住进你的心里 默然 相爱 寂静 欢喜 仓央嘉措 You see, or not … Continue reading

My lovelies…

I am about to have dinner with my lovely girlfriends.  Trendy Thai at Cookie is on the agenda.  I’m pretty hungry so I’m ravenously devouring some Corn Thins at the moment.  This afternoon, I stumbled across a cute bookshop and bought 12 secondhand books for 50 cents each.  I also bought a book on compassion, … Continue reading

With great power comes great responsibility

I can’t stop talking about self-help books! This is a problem for many reasons.  Firstly, it’s 12.40 am, and I should be sleeping.  Secondly, I know I am sounding incredibly uncool, and all my friends will probably de-friend me on Facebook. But I can’t help myself!  It’s a topic dear to my heart!  It struck … Continue reading

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