Open Haus Melbourne

I am so so so excited about Open House Melbourne: For one weekend in 2012, Open House Melbourne will unlock 100 of the city’s significant buildings to explore – and all for free. If you love your city and its architecture, history and design, you’ll love Open House Melbourne. I love photography!  I love Melbourne!  … Continue reading

Quietude Loving / Tranquil Pleasing (beautiful words by Dalai Lama V)

My uncle shared this poem with me.  I can’t read Chinese, but his English translation makes me certain the poem must be beautiful.  I should really take up Chinese lessons again. 你见,或者不见我 我就在那里 不悲不喜 你念,或者不念我 情就在那里 不来不去 你爱,或者不爱我 爱就在那里 不增不减 你跟,或者不跟我 我的手就在你手里 不舍不弃 来我的怀里 或者 让我住进你的心里 默然 相爱 寂静 欢喜 仓央嘉措 You see, or not … Continue reading

Excuse me… but are you me?

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you just can’t believe how similar to you someone seems to be? Recently, I had one of those moments when I stumbled across someone’s Pinterest.  This person’s board could’ve been mine!  Amazing! It also happens when I meet someone for the first time, or when I’m just starting … Continue reading

Nap-happy, nap-happiness!

I love naps.  They’re the best. Taking naps has always been a big part of me.  My family is big on napping.  Visit the Chan residence on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and you would probably find all of us napping.  Well, that was before I moved out.  These days, I don’t really nap anymore.  … Continue reading

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