My heart swells…

It is with great pleasure that I bring you this list: my top five actors!  This list isn’t about acting ability, but more about the ability to… make me swoon and gush.  So, without further ado, the list! 1. Ethan Hawke It has to start with Ethan Hawke because Reality Bites was the movie of … Continue reading


I’ve been obsessing a bit about Jane Eyre lately.  I saw the latest film adaption last Thursday, and I absolutely loved it.  It was brilliant!  The storyline was perfectly adapted, and visually, the movie was stunningly beautiful.  There were so many scenes which I wanted to take screenshots of.  And of course, there was Michael … Continue reading

Are you lonesome tonight?

Census night, that is!  The Age published a very interesting article on being alone on census night, which included the following excerpt: Census night, like Christmas or the Apocalypse, should be tackled collectively with family or friends. Few things are more melancholy than the image of a lone Australian sitting at home answering multiple-choice questions … Continue reading

Fassbendered… again!

I’m about to be Fassbendered again! If all goes to plan, I’ll be seeing the new Jane Eyre movie next Thursday with two of my favourite lovelies.  Including my Crochet Master.  I’m super looking forward to seeing them again.  Yay!  Except… they’ll ask me how my crochet is going.  Eek!  I packed my bag of … Continue reading

Truly X-cellent

I watched X-Men last night.  Omg sooooooooooooooooooooo good!  Don’t worry, no spoilers in this post! I don’t have a single criticism of the movie.  It was so well done.  It was go-go-go the whole time.  No slow bits at all. I loved it!  Watching the relationship of Charles and Erik blossom.  And the blue girl.  … Continue reading

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