Never Let Me Go

As I was driving home tonight, I was listening to this amazing song.  I think the word epic is an apt description. Never Let Me Go is also the title of a thought-provoking novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.  What happens when we lose our humanity?  What does it mean to be human?  I am feeling slightly … Continue reading

It’s time to SNIP SNIP!

The credit card, that is. I woke up this morning to go to work and instead ended up buying things at JB Hi Fi.  This is my haul: Did I do well?  What music would you recommend for me?

Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride…

Daiso.  They can’t keep me away.  I’m experiencing a bit of a problem at the moment.  Bargains have been everywhere, tempting me, taunting me.   Who can resist a sight like this? As an Asian, I am genetically programmed to love bargains.  Bargains are my Achilles heel! On Saturday, while I was out picking up a $1 couch … Continue reading

I work out!

Why is it that in real life, we can’t stand people who are up themselves and arrogant, but in music, it’s totally acceptable, and even enjoyable? That thought crossed my mind the other day when I found myself strangely enjoying Luciana’s I’m Still Hot on the radio.  The song contains such lyrics as these: I hooked … Continue reading

Off into my time travel machine!

I love the way music can immediately transport you back into another time. For some reason, I was reminded of my time in Mykonos today.  What an incredible four days, so much fun, the kind of moments I wish I could bottle up and remember forever. I just bought this song on iTunes and I … Continue reading

Noah and the Whale

… are totally amazing.  They’re my favourite band right now, and I’ve been listening to them on repeat.  I think this is my favourite song: (My internet is super slow and clunky so I haven’t actually checked out the video properly – apologies if its really crap!) I wish I could properly articulate all the … Continue reading

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