Today is my mum’s birthday.  In addition to the usual lunch and dinner festivities, I played Wii bowling with her this afternoon.  I won! They say that moving out of home changes the dynamics of relationships with parents.  In a good way.  I think that could be true. I love my mum. Advertisements

Culture clash

I signed my life away yesterday, to the bank of my motherland. So there I was, scrawling my name on a bunch of papers, while making small talk with my ‘relationship manager’ (roughly translated to the best of my ability): Him:  So you grew up here? Me: Yes, yes I did.  What about you? Him: … Continue reading

Role reversal

So the parentals are off gallavanting in the Mediterranean with my grandma and older sister… no internet, no mobile receiption, no communication… nada. Irresponsible parents!!! Didn’t even leave me a copy of your itinerary! How am I meant to know you’re ok?!? When are you coming back home? Argh!  Rage! … … P.S. I miss you, … Continue reading

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