I will never be a successful blogger with such ugly photos…

What’s with bloggers who use DSLRs for all their photos?!  Where do they find the time to do these things!?  Don’t they have jobs!? With that rant over, here are some photos from the past few days: Advertisements

Mmm, Melbourne…

Marvelous Melbourne.  Mighty Melbourne.  I love my city. Here’s some randomness for today: 1. I won something!  A bit overdue, but news nonetheless.  About a month ago, I saw the talented Bethany Simons (who happens to go to my new church) perform The Weather and Your Health.  It was a lovely show, and I won … Continue reading

Open Haus Melbourne

I am so so so excited about Open House Melbourne: For one weekend in 2012, Open House Melbourne will unlock 100 of the city’s significant buildings to explore – and all for free. If you love your city and its architecture, history and design, you’ll love Open House Melbourne. I love photography!  I love Melbourne!  … Continue reading

So striking

I drove home tonight to the most stunning display of lightning I’ve ever seen. Or at least, the most stunning display I can remember having seen. There were so many moments tonight I wish I could’ve captured on camera. Don’t you hate that? When you see something so excruciatingly beautiful, you want to capture it … Continue reading

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