Friends, I have started

Upholstery, that is! I have signed up to classes with Padgham Upholstery, and I’ve had one lesson so far. This is the chair that I’m going to be working on: Isn’t it lovely? I’ve just spent my afternoon removing the rest of the tacks off the frame, so that I have a bare frame to … Continue reading

23 bottles of beer on the wall (Part 2)

I’ve enrolled in an upholstery course!  I’m super excited.  It starts in August and finishes in September.  I’m hoping that it’ll equip me with the skills and confidence to upcycle the chairs that I’ve purchased. Reality and pragmatism have caused me to sell off most of my chairs, leaving me with only the ones that … Continue reading

I kiw you!!!

I’ve been a bit cranky lately.  I’m like a grumpy old man on the inside.  Whenever anyone or anything irritates me, I think: arrrghhh!  I kiw you!!! I struggled to find parking in Box Hill today.  When I finally found one, and was waiting for the car to back out, I noticed another car creeping … Continue reading

It’s going to happen, it’s really going to happen!

I feel the weight of uncompleted projects on my shoulders. All the things I’d resolved I would do, and yet still have not done. This includes: reupholstering (numerous) chairs stripping wooden furniture and refinishing it making a crochet rug and pouf sewing throw cushions making amigurumi toys That list doesn’t seem particularly long, but I’ve … Continue reading

The problem, my problem (finally, a moment of clarity)

I have for weeks, perhaps months, been struggling and grappling with a sense that things were not as they should be, as I would like them to be. After a day of solitude and reflection yesterday, I think I’ve finally realised what the problem is. It’s the problem of connections. Too many things vying for … Continue reading

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