We will remember…

Public holidays, lazy mornings… sooo good. Having a public holiday on a Wednesday feels very strange.  I kept forgetting that it was coming up, and yesterday I kept thinking it was a Friday when it was only a Tuesday.  Because it’s sandwiched between all these working days, it seems more like a working day than … Continue reading


Thanks goodness for public holidays.  Thank goodness for lazy morning sleep-ins, and a chunk of time with which you can do whatever you want… ahhhh… My colleagues reminded me recently how we used to have Show Day, a public holiday in September.  This was abolished by the Kennett government.  I only have vague recollections of … Continue reading

Back to the grind

As expected, my 10 day break flew by and I am going back to work tomorrow.  The break must have worked though, because I’m feeling pretty at peace about that. But I do think there needs to be an overhaul of the public holidays in Victoria.  Why are there so many more public holidays in … Continue reading

That time of the year…

Yes, that time of the year.  I’m referring to finals season.  When the whole of Melbourne goes crazy about the football.  My new workplace doesn’t have that much of a footy culture, and so this year, it’s been a bit less in-my-face.  But it still pervades my everyday life.  The other day I was walking … Continue reading

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