Today is my mum’s birthday.  In addition to the usual lunch and dinner festivities, I played Wii bowling with her this afternoon.  I won! They say that moving out of home changes the dynamics of relationships with parents.  In a good way.  I think that could be true. I love my mum. Advertisements

The Laws of Attraction

My friend shared this diagram with me the other day: Quite amusing!  I love charts, graphs and other visual representations of ideas. The main thing that struck me about this chart is the link between mental attractiveness and physical attractiveness.  Ideally, both should exist.  Having both = marriage potential. I know people who are are … Continue reading


I’ve been obsessing a bit about Jane Eyre lately.  I saw the latest film adaption last Thursday, and I absolutely loved it.  It was brilliant!  The storyline was perfectly adapted, and visually, the movie was stunningly beautiful.  There were so many scenes which I wanted to take screenshots of.  And of course, there was Michael … Continue reading

Shiny happy people (or hippy hipster love)

When I was at Splendour, I found myself noticing all the couples in the crowd… a lot. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But on the final night during Coldplay, there was a couple I truly couldn’t stop looking at. Or, to be precise, sneaking glimpses at. He had already caught my … Continue reading

Love and devotion

And the Real McCoy. I’m joking.  This post is not about an awesome 90s band who made very lame music which is fun to sing along to, particularly when intoxicated. I’ve been thinking about relationships lately.  And how there are so many things that need to match up, or complement, for a relationship to work … Continue reading

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