There is just something about it…

Bike riding, that is. Those first moments are the best.  The sudden gush of speed, that whoosh feeling.  The breeze up against your skin, refreshing and energising. I’m off!  I’m free!  I’m alive!  And nothing can stop me… wheeeeeeeeeeee! I bought my bike today, and I love it.  It was a bit impulsive of me, but it … Continue reading

How to get from A to B

As I’d blogged about a few days ago, every morning is a fight to get to work on time.  The experience generally leaves me grumpy, stressed and exhausted. This morning, I decided to catch a tram to work: I do this every now and again, particularly if I’m running late or it’s raining.  My tram … Continue reading

Clara Chan, cycling extraordinaire

NOT! Yesterday we got the wonderful idea to rent bikes and cycle around Central Park.  Cycling as a family, in the sunshine, the wind refreshing us as we cycled through the beautiful park together.  No better way to explore it, right?  WRONG! It sounded great in theory, not so much in practice. See, I hadn’t … Continue reading

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