I’ll have that canned, thanks!

I love canned laughter.  There is something so therapeutic about it.  I guess it’s because I grew up listening to sitcoms with canned laughter, Seinfeld being my ultimate favourite. I’ve just started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.  I like it, but the humour is so dry and the dialogue a bit too intelligent for me, and … Continue reading


I love words.  I can’t help it.  To me, words are like hot buttered raisin toast on a winter morning.  Delicious.  I love the word synchronicity: syn·chro·nic·i·ty  (sngkr-ns-t, sn-) n. pl. syn·chro·nic·i·ties 1. The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism. 2. Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in … Continue reading

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