Food babies / Seoul / Heavy heart

I am incredibly pregnant right now with food babies.  Perhaps I have twins.  I’ve arrived in Toronto and so far, it pales in comparison to Korea.  But those are lofty standards, I suppose.  The one good thing about Toronto is the food.  I’m staying in Asian-ville and my uncle has been taking us to eat … Continue reading

Providence / Heart Splitting

It’s 6.15am and I need to head to the airport to catch a flight, but I had thoughts and reflections that I wanted to share.  If I had the luxury, I would’ve let myself mull over all the thoughts and events of the past week, and waited to come up with some refined, non rambling … Continue reading

Seoul searching

I have arrived in Seoul!  This post must be kept short, because I’ve been given a very important assignment by a witty and enigmatic man, which I don’t want to fail.  If I do, apparently I will disappoint everyone in the world with a sense of humour.  So I feel a very heavy burden on … Continue reading

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