The Ultimate Festival Line-Up

My Facebook news-feed was taunting me today.  Two of my favourite bands had been posting updates from the Reading Festival, and it hit my feed.  It was painful.  I then checked the line-up, and it was even more painful.  People in the UK get everything!  Well, except for sunshine.  The Reading line-up made the Splendour … Continue reading

Are you lonesome tonight?

Census night, that is!  The Age published a very interesting article on being alone on census night, which included the following excerpt: Census night, like Christmas or the Apocalypse, should be tackled collectively with family or friends. Few things are more melancholy than the image of a lone Australian sitting at home answering multiple-choice questions … Continue reading

Shiny happy people (or hippy hipster love)

When I was at Splendour, I found myself noticing all the couples in the crowd… a lot. I didn’t think much of it at the time. But on the final night during Coldplay, there was a couple I truly couldn’t stop looking at. Or, to be precise, sneaking glimpses at. He had already caught my … Continue reading

Converted… perhaps

A Coldplay convert, that is! Coldplay has always been in the music-which-is-very-similar-to-music-I-like-but-which-I-don’t-actually-like-at-all category, along with stuff like Jack Johnson and James Blunt.  But after Splendour on Sunday, I may be a convert. My friend was told that Coldplay were amazing live, so much so that her colleague described it as an out-of-body experience. I was … Continue reading

Oh my god we’re back again

I hope you know where that’s from… I am back.  Properly this time!  It feels so, so good to be home.  To finally be able to sleep in my own bed again, after being away for over five weeks.  And after sleeping on lumpy, hard ground in the freezing cold for four nights. Splendour was … Continue reading


I love to people watch at music festivals. How can so many beautiful people be at the one place at the one time? I love all the animal costumes, the headdresses, the ponchos and the colours. And… the expression! It’s great to see people enjoying themselves, totally relaxed and uninhibited and just moving to the … Continue reading

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