Make it slow

It’s been a crazy week, and I’m glad to be having some down time.  It’s time for me to reflect and recharge. It’s become clear that I need to cut down on the things that take up my time and slow down.  Live a less frantic life.  Stop rushing from one thing to the next, … Continue reading

Happy hump day (even though it feels more like a Thursday…)

That’s what someone said on the radio tonight.  And it does feel like a Thursday today, if not a Friday. Isn’t it interesting how there always seems to be consensus on whether a week’s been going slowly, whether a Wednesday feels more like a Thursday, or whether a Friday feels like it’s come too soon?  … Continue reading

The problem, my problem (finally, a moment of clarity)

I have for weeks, perhaps months, been struggling and grappling with a sense that things were not as they should be, as I would like them to be. After a day of solitude and reflection yesterday, I think I’ve finally realised what the problem is. It’s the problem of connections. Too many things vying for … Continue reading


Today I was browsing around in a bookstore when I suddenly felt burdened by all my unrealised ideas.  It was like this: I walked through the cooking section.  Argh, all the recipes I want to try out!  I walked through the design section.  Argh, these beautiful interiors… all my furniture ideas, my ideas for the … Continue reading

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