Honk honk!

I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Hong Kong with my family in September.  Hong Kong is my second home, and I have missed it.  It has been over a year and a half since I was last there. What will I do there?  Eat!  Eat lots of food!  Instead of … Continue reading

Never give up!

I just saw this on my Facebook feed: There’s a talent show in China called “Never Give up” where you are given 100 seconds to give your performance. If over half of the audience push their “dislike” buttons within those 100 seconds, you either get: 1. thrown through a brick wall; 2. dropped through a … Continue reading

an nyong ha se yo (Part 2, 2013)

I am happy to announce that my post-midnight endeavours were successful, and I will be going to Korea next March. This is the country that generates hits like these: I’m super excited.  The countdown begins!

Who am I? (Post midnight ramblings on the Johari window…)

Why am I up at 1.30am, when I have a bunch of important meetings at work tomorrow? AirAsia sales.  They always suck me in. Since I’m awake and killing time until 2am, I’m going to write about the Johari window, which is a concept I learnt about a few weeks ago during one of my … Continue reading

Travel, life’s greatest teacher

My worldview completely changed after I went backpacking for the first time in mid 2007 and spent a few months in England on exchange afterwards. I learnt so much.  For example, that intelligent people are not necessarily well-educated.  Or well paid.  And how educated people are not necessarily intelligent.  They can be painfully stupid. I … Continue reading


I am totally in love with Korea!  I was not expecting this.  I’ve been to Japan twice and didn’t like it at all (they’re the same right??).    I’ve been to Korea before, and didn’t think much of it.  But I am SMITTEN with Korea.  Totally smitten!  Let me brain-dump my thoughts now. The kids are … Continue reading

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