Clara Chan, Masterchef

Look! You know you’re a lawyer when you stop to think whether it’s ok to post a photo like that. But it’s first names only, so it’s ok. Screw you NPPs!!! I’ve started noticing some strange behavior of mine creeping back since I’ve started working again. Stuff like qualifying my sentences when I’m talking to … Continue reading

Food: Stark Contrasts (continued)

Live Below the Line This morning I finished the rest of my Live Below the Line shopping.  I managed to buy mini chicken stock cubes for 85 cents!  Wheee! I’ve just met up with my friend and we’ve split up all our shopping.  This is what I’ll be working with for 5 days: This much … Continue reading

Food: Stark Contrasts

Indulgence and Excess Today I had cooking class.  As you may know, I’ve been doing the 16-session Chef at Home course at William Angliss.  It’s been awesome!  And this weekend, we’re having the dessert sessions.  I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I saw the class schedule. Today was the baked desserts session, tomorrow … Continue reading

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