Solitude, or loneliness?

I’ve just had another day all to myself.  Solitude, or loneliness?  Those words are similar, but with such different connotations.  I’m not sure which of the two is more accurate. It’s been a really intense time at work.  Really, really crazy.  3am, 5.30am finishes.  And I feel spent.  I’m only just starting to feel human … Continue reading

Honk honk!

I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Hong Kong with my family in September.  Hong Kong is my second home, and I have missed it.  It has been over a year and a half since I was last there. What will I do there?  Eat!  Eat lots of food!  Instead of … Continue reading

Like Boss

I am so proud of myself right now.  After weeks of mobile phone dramas, I finally managed to follow the procedures to unlock my iPhone from the 3 network.  Now I can use my phone again! Today has been a relaxing day, filled with lounging around and running errands. I would like to share this … Continue reading

Be still. Keep calm. Be cool.

I suspect I’ve become a workaholic.  I never thought this day would come.  I used to snigger at people who loved their jobs. In law firms, war stories of workaholic women are told and retold in hushed voices.  Did you hear that  [pregnant partner who shall remain anonymous] had to be wheeled out of the … Continue reading

Throw me a rope

I’ve just gotten home from the Art and Soul course that I’ve been doing.  I’m really enjoying the course, and I always come home with lots of thoughts and ideas in my head that I want to share.  Which leads me to a dilemma: should I go to bed, or should I share it? I … Continue reading

Wanted: Personal Assistant

Just like how it wasn’t entirely clear to me why I was blogging at 1.30am yesterday, it’s not clear to me why I’m blogging right now when I should arguably be sleeping. Except to say that I’ve lost the plot I’m slightly losing the plot** and my life feels crazy and frantic and I’m not … Continue reading

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