27 minutes of babble

I am staying at my parents’ house tonight, and I forgot my power cable for my laptop. Therefore, I have only 27 minutes to type today’s post. But because I don’t have anything particular to say, so that’s totally fine with me. Here’s my 27 minutes of babble: The Spanish Film Festival in Melbourne is … Continue reading

You dimwit!

I am talking about myself.  I am a dimwit. I think the cute hipster-looking shop-owner yesterday was trying to flirt with me, and I was too slow to pick up on it until I left the store!  Clearly I wasn’t concentrating  properly and wasn’t being sufficiently mindful! Sigh.  Forever alone. I was trying to sell … Continue reading

The G word, the E word, the I word and the H word

Following on from my recent ramblings on the H word, there are still a few things I need to get off my chest.  I need to rant about goths, emos, indies and… hipsters (again!). When I was in high school, I was told by at least two people (Jeffery, Davidwho shall remain unnamed) that they … Continue reading

The Laws of Attraction

My friend shared this diagram with me the other day: Quite amusing!  I love charts, graphs and other visual representations of ideas. The main thing that struck me about this chart is the link between mental attractiveness and physical attractiveness.  Ideally, both should exist.  Having both = marriage potential. I know people who are are … Continue reading

Shopping bans! Bargains! Market forces! Politics!

I’ve imposed on myself a brand new shopping ban.  This shopping ban is so iron-clad that it should have a proper name, that name being the Shopping Ban. The only exception to the Shopping Ban is that I’m allowed to buy things if it’s ‘for a good cause‘.  This means I’m allowed to buy things … Continue reading

Omg! Earthquack! Quack Quack!

We had an earthquake in Melbourne last night.  I felt it, but wasn’t sure whether I was imagining things.  Facebook confirmed everything.  Within seconds, my Facebook feed was littered with posts about the earthquake. Here are some personal faves: Here I am thinking the neighbours were just having a lot of fun… 2 earthquakes in … Continue reading

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